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ALTEON Performance
  • Constant quality of water whatever raw water: turbidity < 0,1 NTU
  • Fouling index (SDI) < 3
  • Bacteria and cysts removal > 6 Log
  • Viruses removal > 4 Log 
  • Low Energy consumption
  • Filter performance 1,000 times higher than whith the sand filter
  • Divison by 3 of chlorine in the network

Ultrafiltration, municipal
and industrial applications

Ultrafiltration solutions respond both to the need to ensure constant production of drinking water in local communities, and to industries requiring ultra-pure water for their manufacturing processes.

Drinking water

All water: groundwater, lake, river (polishing)

  • Elimination of micro-organisms (algae, pollen, bacteria, viruses, parasites, escherichia coli, giardia…)
  • Production and quality guarantees under all circumstances (heavy rainfall, bacterial contamination, turbidity peaks, etc.) Turbidity < 0,1 NTU 100% of the time

Industrial process water

Electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and bottling industries…

  • Pre-treatment of demineralized water and purified water, boiler water...
  • Removal of particulates and micro-organisms...
  • Controlled encrustation (Fouling Index <3)

Pool water

Swimming pools for competition or leisure activities, holiday resorts, spas and thermal baths,etc.

  • Total elimination of germs, cysts, escherichia coli, giardia, viruses...
  • Guarantees the sanitary safety and comfort of swimmers 


Indispensable pretreatment for reverse osmosis membranes

  • Crucial to the reverse osmosis system lifespan 
  • Reduces fouling and the frequency of replacement of reverse osmosis membranes 


Municipal and industrial wastewater

  • Garden and park sprinklers and other urban uses 
  • Industrial process water, irrigation,etc.
  • Establishing a new, reliable and eco-friendly source of water


The advantage of ultrafiltration systems lies in their flexibility. It can be adapted to all sizes of installations and can be used alone or as an addition to other water treatment technologies.