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Under the wing of SUEZ , Aquasource is the specialist in water treatment.


Specialist in water treatment by membrane

Aquasource develops products and procedures for water treatment using membranes.

Ultrafiltration has been applied to drinking water since 1988

Aquasource is the first company to have applied ultrafiltration technology to the production of drinking water. In 1988, the Amoncourt township in France played its part as pioneer, by being the first community to use the technology to produce drinking water. Since then, Aquasource has continued to offer ultrafiltration solutions to water services and municipal operators, to humanitarian and medical organisations, as well as to industries and energy suppliers searching for procedures for industrial, ultrapure or recycled water production.

30 years of experience, more than 300 installations worldwide

Aquasource has deployed ultrafiltration systems to industrial and communal sites all over the world. To this day, it is the only enterprise to lay claim to a series of ultrafiltration installations to this extent.
This experience, acquired over 25 years of operation, underlays the reliability of all our installations.

Today, Aquasource has dedicated itself exclusively to membrane systems: from its technological beginnings to the search for innovative breakthroughs, from the commercialisation of solutions - modular or complete systems - to assistance and maintenance services.