You are :

  • A local community
  • A project leader 
  • A private or public operator 
  • A holiday resort, hotel…
  • A hospital
  • A humanitarian organisation


Drinking water and peace of mind

Quality, safety, simplicity, assistance

You are looking for a sustainable drinking water supply for your residents or constituents in accordance with sanitary regulations

  • durable 
  • easy and economical to operate 
  • reliable and operational under any circumstances 
  • ecological 

You will choose Aquasource for

Our ultrafiltration solutions which guarantee the production of drinking water that is

  • of consistently high quality (turbidity less than 0.1 NTU regardless of the weather or accidental pollution)
  • free from chemical treatment during production
  • filter performance 1,000 times higher than with the sand filter
  • pure (elimination of micro-organisms such as algae, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.) 
  • free from any pleasant taste or odour
  • with essential minerals preserved (calcium, sodium, potassium)

Our filtration equipment can be tailored to your production needs, suitable for dozens to many millions of inhabitants

Our water treatment systems for the construction or the upgrade of your water treatment plants

Our mobile solutions Aquasource® Nomad (with 48h commissioning) available in case of emergency uses or seasonal needs

The capacity to treat all types of water resources

  • surface water 
  • ground water 
  • karstic water 
  • sea water 
  • pool water…

Assistance and technical help from ultrafiltration experts in

  • feasibility tests 
  • operator training 
  • maintenance contracts 
  • facility upgrades, bringing up to standard, etc.



The Les Ménuires treatment station ensures drinking water production in all seasons, and particularly in winter in the event of high precipitation and snow melts.

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ANGERS, France

Angers and the surrounding communes are supplied with water originating from the Loire River.

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