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+33 (0)561 360 436

We dedicate this hotline for all your inquiries from Monday to Friday from 9 to 17. Outside opening hours, thanks to contact us by e-mail:




Advice, training, maintenance

In choosing Aquasource systems, you will benefit from our complete support, from feasibility studies to installation and maintenance.

Whatever your needs or location, our experts can assist you in the operation and optimisation of your ultrafiltration system. We dedicate a telephone hotline for all your inquiries (repairs, quotes...)

Spare parts

Aquasource offers parts and materials for maintenance of your system (modules, spare parts, handling tools ...)


Expertise in your systems allows you to benefit from the latest innovations to come out of the LEMA Laboratory. Our experts offers you solutions adapted to your location and personal support.


Aquasource offers you a complete package to ensure the preventive upkeep of your systems.


As an approved training organisation, Aquasource is your partner in ensuring your teams acquire the skills specific to the optimal operation of your system.