How does ultrafiltration work ?

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The advantages of ultrafiltration
  • Constant high quality water production guaranteed
  • Operational convenience: the procedure adapts automatically to the quality of the raw water 
  • No chemicals are used during production phase
  • No risk of dangerous by-products
  • Low investment and operational costs
  • Compact systems that facilitate integration into the surroundings 
  • Environmentally friendly 


Membrane ultrafiltration:

a procedure used by aquasource® since 1984.

Ultrafiltration is a physical water treatment procedure


One simple step for both clarifying and disinfecting water

A simple procedure called "low pressure" ultrafiltration permits the clarification and disinfection of water in a single step. A membrane barrier acts like a filter for all particles over 10-20 nm in size: pollen, algae, bacteria, viruses, germs and organic molecules.

Pure water of consistently high quality

This technology guarantees water of consistently high quality, with no taste or odour, no matter what the quality or turbidity of the water source.

An environmentally friendly technology

The ultrafiltration procedure is mechanical: it reduces treatment waste and the need to use chemicals, while conserving the mineral equilibrium of the water.