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Case studies

FRANCE (70), Food industry

1000 m3/day – Origin : surface water - Application : Process water

This food industry, specialized in the production of demineralized lactoserum has specific requirements for its process water. Only ultrafiltration technology meet their requirements.

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ANIANE, France (34)

1 000 m3/day – Origin : Ground - Application : Drinking water

During the summer 2014 drought, the village of Aniane urgently needed a new source of drinking water, after to the depletion of their main source.

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LUBUK, RANAU and JOHOR, Malaysia

1 200 to 2 900 m3/day – Origin : Surface water - Application : Drinking water

The Mont Kinabalu earthquake in June 2015 forces the Ministry of Energy to find alternative solutions in emergency situations to supply of drinkinf water. They choose 3 aquasource® UF NOMAD.

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