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Case studies

MERIBEL, France (73)

1,300 m3/day – Origin : Ground water - Application : Drinking water

The commune of Les Allues chose to equip its drinking water production plant with an aquasource® UF M to produce 65 m3/h at 1° C and 40m3/h during low water periods.



3,000 m3/day – Origin : Ground water - Application : Drinking water

The Couesnon Basin Water Authority chose the aquasource® UF M for its new drinking water production plant.

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IFFERNET, France (46)

4,400 m3/day – Origin : Karstic water - Application : Drinking water

In 2016, the Water trade union of Iffernet and Veolia decided to replace their two old systems by a new system aquasource® M, increasing the flow rate from 2600 to 4400 m3/day.


FOOD INDUSTRY, France (70)

3,400 m3/day – Origin : Surface water - Application : process water

World leader in the production of demineralised lactoserum for baby nutrition, this manufacturer chose aquasource® systems to equip its container rinsing line.

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