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More than 10,000 m3/day

  • Standardised system 
  • Compact and ergonomic design 
  • Continuous production 
  • Adaptable system
  • Low energy consumption
  • Operational support
  • Service support during installation 
  • For communities of more than 50,000 inhabitants 



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aquasource® L

For large capacity production

Designed for quick and easy integration into multiple treatment lines, the aquasource® L can play a role in any high capacity water production system. This turnkey system combines excellent process control with the flexibility appreciated by constructors.

Drinking water
Industrial process water
Reverse osmosis pretreatment



HELBARRON, France (64)

La Nivelle plant supplies 3 communities (St Jean de Luz, Ciboure and Urrugne). In beginning of 2015, it renewed its modules in polytethersulfone..

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LE LHERM, France (31)

The SIECT, convinced of the importance of ultrafiltration, decided that the new facility would benefit from refining membranes, thus guaranteeing consumers the production of a superior water quality standards in force.

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ANGERS, France

Angers and the surrounding communes are supplied with water originating from the Loire River.

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